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3cskc and Sutton Community Academy COVID 19 Guidance

Please note that where the TISKA/3cskc and Sutton Community Academy show a difference of guidance, the more stringent tolerance takes precedence.

TISKA / 3cskc

Infection Transmission before entering the venue

  • Students and instructors will be advised to arrive in a clean, washed Gi, which must be appropriately covered with a coat or jacket.

  • Changing and toilet facilities may not be open at most venues and so the students/parents should come prepared.

  • If any person attending is aware of having symptoms prior to class, they must not attend the venue at all but instead seek help by following the government guidelines and self-isolating.

  • Students and Instructors will be asked to sanitise i.e. use hand sanitiser before and after entering and leaving the dojo. These are likely to be available at every venue. If not, the instructor will provide this facility.

  • To avoid high numbers, students will be encouraged to arrive no earlier than 5-6 minutes before their allocated class time.

Infection Transmission at Registration

  • Where possible, any queries can be dealt with by email and payments to be made electronically to avoid contact through airborne transmission and touching of cash/cheque/forms, etc.

  • The person registering the class will use a contactless temperature checker on each student entering the Dojo and if this shows over 38 degrees, the student will not be permitted to train or enter the hall.

Infection Transmission whilst in the Dojo

  • Any doors/windows will be left open where safe to do so to bring in fresh air and take into consideration correct ventilation.

  • Depending on each venue and their conditions, the students and instructors may be required to wear sensible sports footwear i.e. trainers during classes.

  • Masks are not compulsory but if a student wishes to wear one, they are free to do so, providing they have no underlying respiratory problems.

  • Any shared equipment will not be used i.e. punch bags, kick bags, focus mitts and blocking tubes.

  • No spectators will be allowed in the dojo during a class. If the venue itself allows them to wait in a communal corridor, then that is fine, otherwise they must remain outside the venue until such time as they have to collect the student after class.

  • Students and Instructors will be socially distanced as per government measures. If the instructor wishes to use floor markings off their own accord to help monitor this, they are free to do so. If so, these must be sanitised and cleaned between classes.

  • Social distancing measures must be adhered to for Kata, Kihon and Kumite.

  • There will be no physical contact if pairing up is required but pairing up in general will be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Even then, if necessary, the correct distancing measures will be strictly followed.

  • There will be no kiai or shouting in classes so as to avoid projecting airborne droplets transmission in the open space, thus potentially infecting transmission to other people.

Infection transmission when leaving the Dojo

  • Between one class ending and the next one starting, there will be a 10 minute gap allowing the current class to safely leave and the next class to enter. Where there are fire exits within the dojo, exits and entrances for students may differ accordingly if safe to do so and in an orderly manner.

  • All students and instructors will be encouraged to wash hands and/or use hand sanitiser before leaving the venue and avoid contact with door handles, etc.


  • A full register of attendees will be taken at every class in case required at a later date for track and trace purposes. These must be kept for a minimum of 21 days. A full list of contact details must also be present at all times with the club secretary in case of any emergencies.


Sutton Community Academy

Important – COVID 19 Self-Assessment

In line with current government guidance, all participants (players, coaches, officials, volunteers, spectators etc.) should check for symptoms of COVID 19.

If an individual is symptomatic and or is living in a household with a possible COVID infection, they should remain at home and follow current government guidance.

In addition, any participants who have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because they are a contact of a known COVID 19 case, must stay at home until an NHS Practitioner advised you that you are no longer need to remain in isolation.

Check government guidelines on latest symptoms but these currently include:

  • A high temperature (above 37.8 degrees C)

  • A new, continuous cough

  • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste

This check should be done before each booking.

If a person becomes COVID 19 symptomatic during the activity, they should immediately remove themselves from their activity and return home as soon as possible and seek NHS guidance.

Travel to Site

  • All participants/visitors are advised not to share transport to or from the venue unless they are from the same household or support bubble.

  • If sharing transport with people outside their household or support bubble individuals should seek and follow current government guidance for sharing a vehicle (including associated face coverings, cleaning and ventilation etc.)

  • Where possible, individuals should travel to site by foot or bike (observing social distancing) therefore minimising the use of the car park as a congestion point.

  • Bikes can be secured outside ensuring they do not impede the site entrance/exit but any bike or associated property is left at your own risk. No bikes are able to come into the building.

  • We politely request all drivers to park respectfully only using the designated parking spaces available.

  • Please vacate the car park after your purpose on site has finished to ensure space for others and mitigate congestion or mustering taking place.

Face Coverings

  • While face coverings are not compulsory at this time, we encourage staff and visitors to wear masks or face coverings while in reception, corridors, toilets or other communal areas. It is not recommended masks are worn while taking part in physical activity because it could reduce the ability to breathe comfortably.

Pedestrian Traffic Flow

  • Groups are to arrive at site no more than 5 minutes prior to their agreed session time.

  • ‘Lead Hirers’ while observing social distancing are to ensure they are not crowding the entrance/exit of the facility. While waiting groups are adhering to social distancing at all times.

  • While their group wait outside the lead hirer can enter the building to acknowledge arrival and seek permission to enter. ONLY when instructed by facility staff, the ‘lead hirer’ will collect their group from outside and lead their group to their agreed hire area.

  • When entering and moving around the building the lead hirer is to ensure their group social distance from one another and other groups and follow the traffic flow systems, signage and colleague instructions.

  • Social Distancing signage is marked on the floor to aid smooth pedestrian flow around the facility and suggestion ‘queue’ or ‘give way’ points are highlighted to assist safe passage of any narrow or possible congestion points. (Examples include narrow corridors or stair cases). Please respect others and give way to people in these areas. We would recommend always give way to those exiting the building or area your wishing to enter.

  • When leaving your activity space, the entire group will leave together observing social distancing led by the lead hirer or nominated group representative.

  • At the end of their time/activity, people are to promptly leave the facility and car park thus aiding management of the changeover of sessions. This minimises possible congestion and mustering.

Track & Trace

  • All ‘lead hirers’ are responsible for holding a full list of people taking part in their activity including any associated essential spectators/volunteers.

Changing Rooms & Toilets

  • Linked to Government and National Governing Body Guidance, the Changing Room will remain closed at the current time. Participants, coaches and officials are therefore expected to arrive changed ready for their activity and shower / change on their return home.

  • Toilets are available at reception; all other toilets for hirers/visitors will remain closed. You will notice, some toilets/sinks have been taken out of use temporarily to support social distancing in these areas. Where facilities are not vacant, please queue outside the toilets, observing social distancing.

Equipment on Site

  • Academy equipment including touch points will be cleaned by facility staff in-between hire slots. Indoor Football.

Martial Arts

  • NGB guidelines outline martial art disciplines can return so long as social distancing is maintained during the activity (unless individuals are from the same household). Lead hirers are to ensure coaches/instructors adapt sessions accordingly.

  • NGB guidelines suggests a 3m x 3m square space is observed between individuals.

  • Pads/Paddles and any other shared equipment is not permitted at the current time.

  • Appropriate footwear to be warn at all times.

Amended Room Occupancy

Based on current government guidelines of 100sqft per person, the below is the updated room occupancy limits for sports areas currently open to hire. Please note numbers calculated are on room size (wall to wall) unless a reduced hire area (i.e. 1 court) where this is done on floor markings.

Main Hall Courts 1 – 4 = 40 people Courts 5 & 6 = 30 people

2 courts = 18 people 1 Court = 8 people

Recreation Area Full = 50 people

Activity Area 12 people

Squash Court 5 people

Please Note - If equipment is in the room, the lead hirer will need to adjust numbers above accordingly, but only if this reduces the overall floor space available.

During Session

  • Social distancing must be observed by all participants and coaches/volunteers at all times (unless from the same household / support bubble).

  • Lead hirers operating a group activity must plan and monitor their group sizes to ensure group sizes no not exceed the group numbers permitted for the hire space/activity taking into account social distancing.

  • Prior to each activity – ‘lead hirers’ are recommended to conduct a safety briefing with their group to remind them of safety measures and importance of social distancing, hygiene practises and track and trace to minimise the transmission of COVID 19.

  • The ‘lead hirer’ is responsible for ensuring all equipment used by their group is regularly sanitised during and after their session.

  • The ‘lead hirer’ must ensure all players/coaches and visitors follow COVID code of behaviour throughout their time on site. (e.g. regular hand washing/sanitising, no shouting, spitting or chewing gum linked to the risk of infection).

  • If a player becomes COVID symptomatic during their activity, they should immediately remove themselves from their activity and return home as soon as possible and seek NHS guidance.

Promoting Good Hygiene

  • The facility will provide hand sanitiser stations. Lead hirers are to ensure their group use these before accessing the facilities and on exit.

  • The ‘lead hirer’ is to also ensure the individuals regular hand sanitiser during the hire time.

  • Clubs and organised groups are encouraged to provide their own hand sanitiser and hand wipes for associated hand cleaning or sterilising of equipment during the session.

  • All visitors to site are also advised to carry and use their own hand sanitiser where possible.

  • Personal hand sanitiser and drinks should be clearly marked with person’s name; these personal items must not be shared.

  • All players/visitors are advised to wash clothing warn after each use/visit.

  • Enhanced hygiene inspections and cleaning of the facility will take place throughout opening hours by facility staff.

First Aid

  • All first aids must be reported to facility staff at the time.

  • All facility staff are first aid trained.

  • With all minor first aids, social distancing will be applied wherever possible. Where social distancing is not possible, appropriate PPE will be worn to protect both parties.

  • After first aid treatment is complete, all parties should ensure good hygiene practises and wash hands, or hand sanitise.


  • Nonparticipants are to observe social distancing from anyone outside their household at all times.

  • At this time, non-participants are politely asked to not enter the building to minimise the number of people in the building or reception area and reduce the risk of congestion / mustering.

  • We request participants are safely dropped off and collected from the front of the building, outside. Where this involves juniors or vulnerable adults for an activity, the lead hirers are to coordinate with this parent/guardian/participant for safe collection and drop off to an appropriate adult, therefore not compromising safeguard measures.

  • We politely ask anyone waiting to drop off or collect remains in their vehicle until such time. When out of your vehicle, please observe social distancing from others (outside your household) at all times.

  • Please exit the front of the building and car park as soon as possible to minimise congestion and mustering. This will also aid smooth pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow. COVID Officer.

  • All bookings are advised to have a COVID Officer by sport governing bodies. This person is responsible for developing local management plan and risk assessment prior to restarting their activity. Although the ‘lead hirer’ might choose to delegate this to another individual, the Academy will communicate with the lead hirer regarding this as necessary.

  • The ‘lead hirer’ will ensure the detail contained in this document are shared, understood and adhered to as part of the booking terms.


  • All hirers should check that any insurance they hold for their booking/activity is valid under the current Government / respective National Governing Body Guidelines. Non-Compliance to Terms and Conditions.

Non-Compliance to Terms and Conditions

  • To minimise the risk to all users and staff on site, any non-compliance with these operational rules will result in an immediate stop to your booking and request to leave the facility.

  • ‘Terms and Conditions’ referenced are a minimum expectation to minimise the risk to facility users, staff and wider community. Therefore, you are welcome to further enhance measures/controls within your booking, but please ensure these do not contravene government, your respective sport’s National Governing Body Guidelines or Academy conditions.

Updates or Changes in Guidance

  • Many thanks for your commitment/support and compliance with our safe operating measures to minimise the risk of COVID 19.

  • The Academy will monitor government and respective National Governing Body Guidance regarding any changes to the operational measures/guidance. Any changes will be communicated at that time.

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