3 CouNties Shotokan Karate Club-Covid 19 Guidance

3cskc.org - General Covid 19 Guidance

  • If you have symptoms do not attend.

  • Face coverings in all communal areas.

  • Training is allowed bare foot.

  • You must only attend the class of your current belt / grade.  This will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

  • Changing rooms may not be open so please come dressed ready for training with a hoodie / jacket covering your Gi.

  • Socialising and communing within the dojo and facility is to be discouraged at this time. 


  • There are currently no restrictions on Under 18 training and full range of activities karate practice can take place.


  • These can now resume indoors, but social distancing protocols must be enforced as phase one of English Karate Federation (EKF) guidance. 

  • Pad work is allowed (as per EKF guidance) but contact training in any form is not allowed.


  • Adult spectators allowed, but they must remain seated and wear a mask at all times and be within the allowable numbers.

  • Social distancing rules must be vigorously enforced as per the social distancing laws that apply to wider society.


Sutton Community Academy specific guidance in addition to the above general guidance

  • Students must wait outside while the lead hirer enters the building to acknowledge arrival and seek permission to enter.

  • Changing rooms will not be open.

  • No spectators allowed.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Oss Sensei


Mobile: 07989 449817