3cskc.org Rules And Conditions Of Membership


1. Correct Dojo Etiquette must be observer at all times: i.e. bowing when entering and leaving the Dojo, correct respect shown to instructors and visiting Sensei, and respect for fellow members  whatever grade they may be.

2. Eating and Drinking will not be permitted in the Dojo.

3. Karate Gi's must be clean.

4. Toe and finger nails must be cut regularly preventing injury to other members.

5. Members who have long hair will be permitted to wear hair bands.

6. Rings, watches, necklaces and other personal adornments must be removed prior to each training session. These items are liable to cause injury.

7. All articles of value should not be left in changing rooms the Instructor or Secretary cannot be held responsible for articles which are lost, damaged or stolen.

8. Members train at their own risk, neither the instructors nor the Secretary can accept liability for any injuries incurred whilst training.

9. Members should not arrive or go home in their Karate Gi unless covered with suitable attire.

10. Instructors/examiners in their capacity to coach may have to adjust you or your child's posture during training.

11. Club instructors will decide when Karate students are ready to grade, irregular attendance will impede progress.

12. Photographs and video of training, special courses and grading sessions will not be permitted unless the express permission of the instructor and the consent of the subjects and the subjects parent or guardian have been granted in advance.


1. Any member found using unnecessary violence against a person outside the confines of the Dojo will have their membership terminated.

2. Any member found using Karate for personal financial gain shall have their membership terminated.

3. Any member who disregards for Dojo etiquette and respect (e.g. use of abusive language, lack of self control, etc) shall have their membership terminated.

4. Any member found to be of unsuitable character shall have their membership terminated.

5. The Instructors and Secretary reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant they feel would be unsuitable.

6. Once a member has been dismissed from the club and has had their membership rights terminated, they shall not be entitled to any refund of membership or advance subscription fees.