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3 counties Shotokan Karate SCHOOL

karate chesterfield karate dronfield karate staveley karate ashfield karate

TISKA Karate School Classes

Chesterfield - Staveley - Dronfield -
Sutton In Ashfield - Mansfield

Welcome to the 3CSKC.ORG website, everything you need to know about our club and organisation can be found right here.

Sensei says "Happy New Year"

karate chesterfield karate dronfield karate staveley karate ashfield

Traditional Karate

There are many varied styles of martial arts. Traditional martial arts, such as karate, have deep historical influences that were developed for self-defence or for defending others. Combative martial arts, such as kick boxing and mixed martial arts, are developed for sporting contests. Generally, these are one-on-one bouts, governed by rules and weight divisions.

Each martial art focuses on a particular type of technique or style, and this can be an important choice for those interested in self-defence. For example, jujitsu and judo emphasise the use of grapples, throws and fighting on the ground. In karate we prefer the combat to take place at a distance. Striking techniques of kicks and punches are used as a karate ka learns to control the space between themselves and multiple opponents.

Our school teaches traditional karate for self-defence. We start with simple blocks and strikes against a single opponent to build confidence and ability. As students develop two or more opponents are introduced so that they can learn how to defend themselves against attacks from all directions. Martial arts techniques such as throws, grapples and weapons are also taught as students become more advanced.

3 Counties Shotokan Karate School

The 3 Counties Shotokan Karate School was formed in 2006 by Sensei Anthony Tyers, now a 5th Dan black belt. He is assisted by several students that have trained under Sensei Tyers and have reached the level of 3rd Dan black belt.

We hold regular training sessions at Chesterfield, Staveley, Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield and Dronfield. The school prides itself on offering high quality, patient and enjoyable traditional style shotokan karate training to children as young as 4, adults of any age and often whole families,

Some benefits of training in karate include an improved level of fitness, an ability to defend yourself and enhanced sense of well being, hopefully you will also make new friends!

Beginners are always welcome and receive a free one to one session before their 1st lesson

Physical, zoom and 1-2-1 classes available


No contracts or hidden costs

Accredited grades and licences

Enhanced DBS certified

Designated Safeguarding Lead (Children) - Any concerns please contact Mrs Natalie Jordan

First Aid certified

3 Counties Shotokan Karate is a proud member of TISKA, a karate organisation run by the Chief Instructor, Shihan Sahota.

The link to the TISKA website is below:

From beginner to black belt all are welcome, to join one of our classes, either email us in the contact section, or turn up on the day! For information on prices, email us.


"I have trained with this club from it's birth, and it has gone from strength to strength."

Mark Ashby

2nd Dan




TEL: 07989449817


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