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Mr Anthony Tyers, Sensei Tyers is a 5th Dan (yondan) Black Belt.

Anthony Tyers was born in 1961 in Leicester, lived in the mining town of Coalville in north west Leicestershire until the age of 19 when he moved to Loughborough where he still lives. It was in Coalville aged 18 when he first took up Shotokan karate and trained for over a year until he moved to Loughborough. After several months he joined an existing Shotokan Karate club in Loughborough and trained until 1986 achieving the grade of 2nd Kyu however due to family and work commitments he could not maintain the standard of training at that time.

Having had a break of nearly thirteen years he started training in Loughborough at the local TISKA school. It was after a few months he started to travel once a month to train in Leicester under the founder & chief instructor of TISKA Shihan Sahota while also maintaining regular training at he Loughborough school.

On the 4th November 2001 he was awarded his 1st Dan (Shodan). His training increased up to 4 sessions a week, 2 at Loughborough and 2 under Sensei Sahota, including travelling to Dunstable to train at the association dojo with senior black belt grades.

After achieving his 2nd Dan (nidan) in 2004 he decided to concentrate his training under the chief instructor Shihan Sahota by travelling to several different schools including Dunstable, Leicester, Kettering and Northampton.

In 2008 he was invited to attend the first TISKA master class held in Dubai by Shihan Sahota. It was during the master class that he was graded and awarded 3rd Dan.

In 2013 he attended the master class in Dubai where he graded for and achieved his 4th Dan. 

Still maintaining his training under Shiahan Sahota he now teaches in the northern TISKA region.

Highlights in his karate career include seeing both his daughters achieving their black belt grades and being invited to grade for Sandan on the first TISKA master class.

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Sensei Sahota And Mr Tyers
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