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3 Counties Shotokan Karate School - Karate Dronfield Karate

Dronfield Karate Club - Dronfield Karate

The Dronfield class is located at Dronfield's Henry Fanshawe School, trains on Friday evenings.

Students from beginner to black belt have trained at the Dronfield 3 Counties Shotokan Karate Class.


Henry Fanshawe School, Green Lane, Dronfield, S18 2FZ.

DAY            TIME(PM)         CLASS GRADES

Friday             18:00 to 18:45        Beginner to  Yellow Belts

Friday             18:45 to 19:30        Green to Brown & Red Stripe Belts

Friday             19:30 to 20:15        Brown & Black Stripe to Black Belts

Friday             20:15 to 20:30        Black Belts only

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