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News Flash

Sensei Sahota is pleased to announce that he has now been awarded the title of Shihan after 47 years of both instructing students and, in the early days competing at National and International level.

As Sensei achieved the high grade of 8th Dan back in 2015, it is traditionally expected that the title of Shihan is adopted as, by that time, it means Master Instructor and teacher of teachers and is given as a sign of respect for the person named.

Sensei was contacted recently by Mike Billman, 9th Dan, the Chairman of the European Karate Federation Technical Commission, the Secretary for the World Karate Federation Technical Commission and former President of the English Karate Federation who asked that he accept the title of Shihan.


Oss Shihan

COVID-19 Update

Oss Everyone,


I am pleased to confirm that have returned  to training but unfortunately only at three of our venues.

IMPORTANT - Due to restricted space at Dronfield please confirm by email if you are intending to train at this venue so that we can manage the numbers and help to keep everyone safe.



Please read and adhere to the guidance below given to us by our Governing Body.



  • Face coverings in all communal areas.

  • Training is allowed bare foot.

  • You must only attend the class of your current belt / grade.  This will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

  • Changing rooms may not be open so please come dressed ready for training with a hoodie / jacket covering your Gi.

  • Socialising and communing within the dojo and facility is to be discouraged at this time. 


  • There are currently no restrictions on Under 18 training and full range of activities karate practice can take place.


  • These can now resume indoors, but social distancing protocols must be enforced as phase one of English Karate Federation (EKF) guidance. 

  • Pad work is allowed (as per EKF guidance) but contact training in any form is not allowed.


  • Adult spectators allowed, but they must remain seated and wear a mask at all times and be within the allowable numbers.

  • Social distancing rules must be vigorously enforced as per the social distancing laws that apply to wider society.

Sutton Centre Specific Guidance.

  • Students must wait outside while the lead hirer enters the building to acknowledge arrival and seek permission to enter.

  • Face coverings in all communal areas.

  • Changing rooms will not be open.

  • You must only attend the class of your current belt / grade.

  • No spectators allowed.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Oss Sensei


Mobile: 07989 449817


Wednesday Evenings on Zoom

Lesson times to be confirmed

Thursday's at Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield

19:00 Beginners to Green belt

19:50 Purple to Brown black stripe

20:40 Black belts

Friday's at Henry Fanshawe School, Dronfield

18:05 Beginners to Green belt

18:55 Purple to Brown black stripe

19:45 Black belts

Saturday's at Sutton Community Academy, Ashfield (Site specific guidance applies (see above))

09:00 Beginners to Green belt

09:50 Purple to Brown black stripe

10:40 Black belts

Saturday's at Brookfield Community School, Chesterfield

12:35 Beginners to Green belt

13:35 Purple to Brown black stripe

14:35 Black belts



IMPORTANT - Please remember that you must only attend the class of your current belt / grade.


Thank you for bearing with us as we transition from zoom to physical classes, we are almost there!


If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch


Oss Sensei




Oss Everyone,


First of all I would like to thank you all for your continuous support and understanding during the many months that Covid 19 has been with us.  I feel our Zoom sessions have gone very well, better than I think many of us would have believed, and also in some respects have given us a greater dimension to our training which I now look forward to moving back to the Dojo and further enhancing.


Now we are moving back to physical training and coming together once again, I would like to open up our club to your friends and families, of all ages and abilities, offering a free beginners class and for them to train side by side with yourselves.


Can I ask that you extend this offer to your friends and family as we "Hitotsu! Doryoku No Seishin O Yashinau Koto!" (One! To Foster The Spirit Of Effort !) once again.


Please let me know of any interest or pass on my details for them to contact me directly so that I can arrange classes accordingly.  Don't forget to also show them our  Facebook page where they can find lots of useful information and the story of our club; thank you.


Oss Sensei


Please note we are still welcoming new students during the Covid crisis.

We are running the following Zoom classes to best support the Tiska grade structure:

To register for our Virtual Classes please register.

Wednesday's Zoom Classes


If you have any issues please don’t hesitate to contact me and we will help you as much as we can.


Thank you for your support and understanding.

Oss Sensei


Please stay safe and stay well

What you need to join Zoom Classes

  • A smart device/ Laptop/pc with a front facing camera where possible, which is connected to the internet

  • Applications required: ‘Zoom Cloud Meeting’.  This is a free app and can be downloaded from your app store

  • For those of you using a PC/Laptop when you click on the link provided by me for the first session it shall take you to the Zoom website.  This will automatically allow you to download and run/install the Zoom application. Please allow time to do this prior to the start of your first lesson. 

  • Enough space to complete the class safely so no harm is caused to yourself or others


  • These video sessions are strictly live and shall not be recorded

  • By joining the class you are accepting responsibility and providing consent for your child/children to take part in the class.

  • A parent/guardian should be present in the room whilst the class is going on.