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3 Counties Shotokan Karate SCHOOL -
Benefits Of Karate - Benefits of Karate

  • The school treats all its students as individuals and it believes that all members of our club community are of equal worth. Students with physical, learning or other behavioural needs are accepted, with instructors working with parents/guardians to accommodate them into the club.


  • The school feels that it is important for each student to foster positive attitudes and relationships. We have an environment which encourages and reinforces good behaviour and positive attitudes. Students learn to identify their emotions and how to appropriately express them. This fosters an attitude of care and respect towards each other which also encourages our students to become responsible and independent.


  • As part of the training we implement various activities that re-enforce team ethics, trust and personal development. The benefits of these are:

    • increased confidence, self-respect, competence.

    • improved sense of responsibility.

    • self-motivation and engagement with learning.


  • Students’ progress through 10 Kyu grades to achieve their black belt – Dan grade. Classes are structured to build upon what they learned previously.


  • Once black belt level has been attained Dan grade students develop their karate with advanced techniques as well as the philosophy of Budo – ‘the ways of the warrior’. Students are encouraged to develop their skills and confidence mentoring lower grades.


  • Three Counties Karate School ( was established twelve years ago by Sensei Tyers, 5th Dan, and teaches traditional Shotokan style. The instructors have over forty years’ experience between them. The club is fully insured and DBS checked.


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