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Belt order& Syllabus

The Intermediate (Int) grade is for juniors under the age of 14 years, to allow them more time to develop their karate skills, apart from the 1st Dan Intermediate grade, which is for Juniors and Seniors.

TISKA Belt Order

  • Beginners         White Belt

  • 10th Kyu            Blue Belt

  • 9th Kyu              Red Belt

  • 8th Kyu              Orange Belt

  • 7th Kyu              Yellow Belt

  • 6th Kyu Int       Yellow with Green Tag

  • 6th Kyu              Green Belt

  • 5th Kyu Int        Green with Purple Tag

  • 5th Kyu              Purple Belt

  • 4th Kyu Int       Purple with White Tag

  • 4th Kyu              Purple/White Belt

  • 3rd Kyu Int       Purple/White with Brown Tag

  • 3rd Kyu              Brown Belt

  • 2nd Kyu Int      Brown with White Tag

  • 2nd Kyu             Brown/White Belt

  • 1st Kyu Int        Brown/White with Red Tag

  • 1st Kyu               Brown/Red Belt

  • 1st Dan Int        Brown/Black Belt

  • 1st Dan               Black Belt

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