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3 Counties Shotokan Karate SCHOOL - 2021 in a nutshell

A Difficult Years Achievements

As you all know this weekend is very significant with us all having been in lockdown for a whole year and for what I believe none of us could ever have imagined.  There have been many challenges for us all, however I think we should still share what we as a club and especially our students have achieved in these difficult times: 


  • 424 zoom classes

  • 18 physical classes 

  • 15 new club members

  • Weekly 1-2-1 classes

  • 4 Kyu gradings with 170 students awarded their next belt

  • 2 Intermediate Shodan grades achieved

  • 3 Shodan grades achieved

  • 3 Nidan grades achieved

  • Christmas kata workshops



This couldn’t have happened without you supporting our club, so a big thank you from me.  I look forward to training with you all in physical classes, and welcoming back our returning students, in the very near future.

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